The Restaurant
Tuesday through Saturday, 11am-9pm

The Cafe
Tuesday through Thursday, 11am-9pm
Friday + Saturday, 10am-9pm

What kind of Restaurant is Yagi Noodles?
Yagi Noodles is an American Ramen restaurant with influences and techniques from Japanese and Chinese cuisine. We specialize in handmade from-scratch ramen and other creative dishes.

For an idea of the types of dishes you will experience during your visit - take a look here.

What is Ramen?
Ramen is made up of 5 distinctive components:
Soup / flavored oil / tare (sauce seasoning base) / noodles / toppings.
The difference with Ramen Noodles is the use of alkaline salts (kansui) the salt raises the ph of the noodle, and changes the texture, color, scent and chew of the noodle. We make our noodles with whole wheat unbleached flour from Ground Up Grain in Hadley, MA.

Chef Basil makes every ramen noodle by hand in our Noodle Room. Yes - Noodle Room! You can find this room just past the cafe, there is a window. come watch the Noodle Master work. (We do not hand-make the gluten free noodles to minimize cross contamination)

How do I make a reservation? Do you take walk-ins?
We take reservations via email and phone.
We also take walk-ins.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions / allergies?
Yes! We always have several vegetarian options available with the option to make most dishes vegan. Any ramen dish can be made vegetarian/vegan. We take allergies very seriously - if you have an allergy please be sure to let your server know. If you are celiac you must let your server know - our eggs are marinated in soy which has gluten, this is okay for someone avoiding gluten as a dietary preference but not for those that are celiac.

Our waitstaff are friendly and knowledgable - they can help guide you through the menu to what works best for you.

Can I order takeout?
Yes! We accommodate takeout orders, anything on our current menu is available for takeout.

Do you deliver?
No we do not offer delivery. We have worked with Newport Dine Out in the past and will most likely work with them again in the future. Stay tuned.

Are gift cards available?
Yes! You can >> order gift cards here <<
Or you can purchase them in our restaurant.

Do you have a patio?
Yes! We have patio space and will have heaters to take us into the cooler months.

Where do I park?
You can park in the Long Wharf parking lot by the fire station- we can validate your parking ticket!

You have a food truck?
Two of our chefs purchased a food truck and franchised Yagi Noodles on it. We will be popping up at breweries around Rhode Island and at other Food Truck Festivals.