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Yagi Noodles

About us

From Chef Basil Yu, Yagi Noodles brings traditional Japanese + Chinese techniques on an 

American ramen-focused menu 

to the vibrant heart of central Newport all while honoring the culture of the food we cook. 

 Featuring a boba cafe (bubble tea!), craft spirit-free cocktails, noodles, dumplings, bao buns & more. 

Our space boasts coastal vibes with elemental decor, friendly and knowledgeable service, outdoor seating, 

a noodle room, and lots of local artwork

UPDATE! As of Friday, February 2nd 2024 we will no longer be BYOB - We will be serving Sake, Beer, and Wine

About Our Name

Yagi is the Japanese word for “Goat”
It is an homage to The Legend of the Five Goats originating from Chef Basil's father’s hometown of Guangzhou, China.
The story tells of the ancient city suffering through drought and famine.
one day a holy melody spread throughout the air and five colored clouds drifted into the sky. On Each cloud sat five immortals - riding five goats.
The immortals bestowed the people with the goats and with wheat and rice to grow then disappeared into the sky. Guangzhou, nicknamed “Goat City”,
was then gifted with an abundance of crops year after year that ended the hunger. The cross cultural references in the name and story is a reflection of Chef Basil and the food he cooks.